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Strategy Execution

Effective strategy execution requires a structured, disciplined and systematic process that enables leadership teams to reach or exceed their most important strategic objectives. However, most organizations do not achieve anywhere near the level of strategy implementation success that they could and should. In fact, most organizations achieve less than 50% of their strategic objectives and some less than 10% success.

Organizations that have become masters of strategy execution excellence achieve more than 90% of their strategic objectives. What is it that these masters do so well that other organizations do not? The difference is the masters have a structured, disciplined and systematic process for execution.


Successful strategy execution has many elements that must be developed and integrated into a consistently applied process. Among these elements is that the leadership team instills a broad-based understanding of what the organization’s strategy is and obtains acceptance and commitment from the participants in the “make-it-happen” part of strategy. Now cascading objectives and aligning the organization with these objectives allows for a structured approach to defining initiatives and action plans, clear accountability, and appropriate metrics. For the leadership team it is critical that on-going communication process takes place along with frequent fact-based progress reviews. Tracking initiatives and action plan progress must be done with a highly structured system that provides for factual reporting and directly points to the specifics of what is being accomplished and what is behind schedule so that counter measures can be taken. Without constant review of what is actually being accomplished, schedule slippage is almost a certain result. Consistent and frequent progress feedback keeps those involved focused on what needs to be done and when.

Our purpose and our passion is to help organizations redefine success and most importantly achieve that success. As executive advisors we want to help your organization to supercharge their progress toward achieving better and better business outcomes.

Our experience and expertise can help you define the right mixture of process, analytics, performance measurements, change management, technology support, and progress reviews that will be the foundation of your strategy execution process that will accelerate your success.