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Accelerating Strategy Achievement

Strategy Execution: Accelerating Strategy Achievement
A White Paper for Executives

One of our publications is a white paper for executives entitled “Strategy Execution: Accelerating Strategy Achievement” by R. Michael Donovan.

Organizations that have become masters of strategy execution excellence achieve more than 90% of their strategic objectives on time however, these organizations are unfortunately very rare. Most organizations achieve less than 50% of their strategic objectives and many are below 25% attainment, but strategy execution can be significantly improved if done in the right way. The benefits can be enormous.
Download this paper and learn:

  • How you can identify critical gaps using a self-evaluation process to rate your organization.
  • How to facilitate a group discussion for discovery.
  • The disconnect between strategy and execution.
  • Practical methods to improve your strategy execution success.

Use this white paper as a springboard to help create a structured, disciplined and systematic process for strategy execution excellence to become a high performance organization.